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Tesla Cybertruck Light Bar iPhone Cases

Tesla Cybertruck Light Bar iPhone Cases

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Case Style

The Tesla Cybertruck Light Bar.

Our Vendor's Sophisticated Process Embeds Images Into The Plastic Surface OThe Case, And Protects Them With A Strong Clear Finish. The Result IAImage That INot OThe Case, But Inside It, And Protected From Scratches, Fading, Wear, And Damage. The Products Are Built TProtect The Device And The Beauty OThe Images And TLast.


Snap Cases - Polycarbonate

Tough Cases - Polycarbonate, TPU lining (Thermoplastic polyurethane)

Flexi Cases - Semi-Opaque, Impact Resistant TPU

Bio Cases - PLA + PBAT + Bamboo Fiber

Care Instructions

Spot clean with a damp cloth. It is advised that you avoid contact with water and prolonged exposure to sunlight as either of these may have an effect on the print or material over time.

Production Time

1-6 Business Days


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